Who We Are…


Greetings and salutations

Welcome to the Baptist General Conference of Canada. We are a movement of 106 Canadian Churches stretching from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia. We are Baptistic in theology and gentle in spirit. Our background can be traced to the immigration of Swedish pietists coming to Canada in the late 1800’s. Our congregations reflect a broad variety of culture and tradition. Some are filled with long term Canadians, others reflect the mosaic that Canada has become in this last generation. We speak English, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, Farsi, Arabic, Punjabi and maybe even one or two other languages on any given Sunday in our movement.

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We are looking to begin churches wherever we sense God opening the door to further ministry. Some of our congregations are large (over 1000 attendees) and located in urban areas but many of our congregations are smaller (under 150) and carry out faithful ministry in the rural parts of our nation.

Photographed by Jeff Wallace

Photographed by Jeff Wallace

Organizationally, our national office is located in Edmonton, AB. Our Executive Director is Kevin Schular. It is the role of the national office to cast a courageous vision to see God’s work done across our nation. Our districts are essentially the provincial boundaries with distinct groupings to be found in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, and Quebec. It is the role of each district to labour together in seeing the gospel carried out within each provincial area. Each district has its own appointed executive minister who supervises the work in that region.


Our seminary is the Canadian Baptist Seminary which is affiliated with the ACTS Consortium located at the Trinity Western University in Langley BC. Historically, we are cousins with the Baptist General Conference in the USA (now known as Converge Worldwide), which is a movement consisting of over 1000 congregations. We cooperate with our American cousins to do world missions.

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