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Mar 23, 2018


March 22, 2018

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This Is Us: Embracing the 7 Essentials of the BGCC

June 14-16, 2018


KevinKevin Schular, Executive Director

Hello from Abbotsford! I am waiting to board my plane to Edmonton. It’s been a great week in BC. I came for board meetings at ACTS seminary and also with the Regents of CBS. It was wonderful to also meet with 9 of our pastors and 5 of our missionaries. What a great team of servants we have in BC and all across our Conference!

Easter is coming up. What a glorious season for Christians as we remember our Lord’s death and celebrate His resurrection. Preach it well my pastoral colleagues! “For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God.” (1 Peter 3:18) Canada needs the gospel more than ever. I am praying for Holy Spirit boldness and power on your ministry this week.


In February, the BGC hosted 65 young adults and leaders from BC to Quebec at our 20/20 retreat. The teaching theme was “Shaped for Significance“. Workshops on leadership, apologetics, spiritual gifts and personal evangelism were also offered. We pray for the Lord to use these future leaders for His glory.

Micah Brookhart brought a series on "Shaped For Significance"

2020 2


Worship Team at 2020

2020 1


Working on Spiritual Gifts Survey2020 3


Ready for X-Country Skiing

2020 5


Some of the group at 2020

2020 4

This Is Us

Our Annual AGM and Celebration is June 14-16. We are gathering at Wilderness Edge in Pinawa, Manitoba. Our Conference adopted “7 Essentials for the BGC” awhile ago and this year we are going to focus on them in our sessions. We will also be sharing about our strategic outreach and training center being launched in the Middle East. See the link elsewhere on this page for all the details. I hope you will join us in June!

Registration is open on the BGC site. Click here to register!

BGC National board members enjoying supper together.
Board meeting March 12-13, 2018

BGCC Board1 2


BGCC Board2

Allan and Evelyn Yadao, Church Planters in Victoria

AandE Yadao

Kevin Spoke in Port Alberni on March 18, 2018. Pastor Leland Botzet reports that the Lord is doing a powerful work in their body. Praise God for this good church on the far west coast of Canada.






BGC Budget

It’s budget season here in National Office as it may be in your church too. We are thankful for the support from across our Conference. I am pleased to report we are “in the black” this year! We were able to support church planting, missions and other ministries in the BGC. Please remember us as you plan your church budget.

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Seven Essentials of the BGC 

Our motto and mission: "A Network of Churches that make disciples who live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their Communities, throughout Canada, and out to the Nations." Together, we have identified seven essential areas where God is at work among our church families. These seven areas are also critical to the future growth and health of our churches. 
7 Essentials of the BGCC

We will highlight one Essential in each issue of Baptist Beats: 

Multiplying Faith Communities

BGCC churches strive to multiply their ministry through church planting and other innovative approaches.