Hi all BGC pastors,

Canadian Baptist Seminary has a paid membership with Ministry Lift (of MB Seminary at ACTS), which offers online lay-oriented training resources and assessments for BGC churches at no cost, as well as discounted customizable training options. A CBS membership also enables all BGC Churches to enjoy up to a 30% discount for Ministry Lift training events. BGC churches can contact the CBS office for user name and password:

See the Ministry Lift website

Below are the training events currently scheduled . . .


The COACH Model – Friday, Sept 28 (onsite and live-stream) -

Transform the way you lead and disciple others by learning and practicing essential coaching skills. This one-day training experience will be facilitated by Dr. Randy Wollf who is a certificated instructor of Keith Webb’s COACH Model for Christian leaders.

The Trust Bubble – Saturday, Sept 29 (onsite and live-stream) -

Trust might be the greatest asset to your leadership, but it can evaporate in a moment. Learn how to nurture and strengthen the trust you have established in this one-day event led by Claudio Morelli.

Pastoral Sustainability – Thursday, Oct 4 (onsite in Langley) -

Many pastors can easily spot the needs that others have, but they lack self-awareness. A recent survey of Mennonite Brethren church leaders revealed three primary reasons why pastors leave their positions: burnout, unrealistic expectations, and conflict. This morning event hosted in partnership with BCMB will help pastors identify the pitfall they face in ministry and equip them with practical tools to keep them healthy for the long-haul.

Responsible Discipline – Saturday, Oct 27 (live simulcast) -

How many times have you thought, “What was my child thinking?!

This half-day simulcast will help parents understand the impulses behind their child's behaviour and experience support from other parents. Any church can host this event from this facility. Learn more by visiting


** All BGC churches qualify for a discounted membership rate when they register. **