Baptist Beats - November Edition

Nov 21, 2017
November 17, 2017



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20/20 Leadership Summit
Feb 22-25, 2018
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Apr 30 - May 2, 2018
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Kevin Schular, Executive Director


Hello from Edmonton! It’s cold here but I trust wherever you are in our great country you are experiencing the warmth and renewal of the Lord day by day. May your ministry be blessed with power from on high today!


I attended the EFC President’s Day in Montreal at the end of October. Denominational and mission leaders from across Canada gathered to pray and discuss how we can impact our nation for Christ. Some of the learnings I took away were:


• Canada is rapidly changing. Who are we as evangelicals and where are we going? We should work together on essentials and let go of peripherals for the sake of our nation. How do we not live in resentment towards a society that is ignoring us when we used to be part of establishment?

• We need Christological clarity – Jesus is our Lord and Savior!

• The Gospel still transforms lives – we have had too much emphasis on faithful, missional presence and not enough on Jesus conversations. Let’s wrestle for souls in this culture.

• We have been pushed to the margins of Canadian society. We are listened to less but watched more than ever. So, we should lead with what we are for - not against. Put our energy into where we can do most good. Lead with love!

• What can we all commit too? We can live in covenant relationships with God, our marriages, the church as we bear faithful witness to our society.

• Evangelical churches are holding our numbers because of immigration – 50% of new Canadians are Christians and they are bringing new life into our churches.

• Our strong focus on mission allows us to be generous. Evangelicals give more to charity than other Canadians – we support Christian organizations but also give to non-church orgs more per capita than rest of population.

• Maintaining hope – there is an openness to collaboration and sharing resources not seen 10 years ago. There is a desire to pray strategically, to celebrate our doctrinal diversity but remain mission focused.

• If you could've done it alone, you'd have done it already. Find ways to relate with people.


We can recognize the changes around us and lament our condition. But we know from scripture that God’s servants have been called to proclaim His truth in difficult times. I have been reading in my devotions through Ezekiel and the Lord called Him to a people who were not ready to receive His truth: “The people are stubborn: I send you to them and whether they hear or refuse to hear they will know that a prophet has been among them. Do not be afraid of them, nor be afraid of their words … nor be dismayed at their looks. And you shall speak my words to them, whether they hear or refuse to hear.” (Ezekiel 2) 


Ezekiel remained faithful in adverse conditions and I want to be the same in my generation. Our style of delivery may change to fit our culture, but the message must remain true to the gospel and the Word of God. May our BGC churches be faithful in this challenging season for the Canadian church!

Baptist Beats Nov 2017 - 1

Induction Service for Pastor Chris Hutchison at Emmanuel Baptist, Nipawin, SK Oct 29, 2017


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Beats Nov '17 - 3

Rev. Bill Danyluk


Beats Nov '17 - 4

Pastor Chris Hutchison


Pastor do you have young adult singles or married couples that have leadership potential? Please encourage them to attend 20/20 in February, 2018. BGC desires to raise up godly leaders in our churches and this weekend conference is focused on that theme. Consider coming with them to show how much their spiritual development means to you and your church. Click on link to see the details

Will You Pray?

November 26, pray for religious freedom in Canada. The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the Canadian Council of Christian Charities are asking churches, individuals, and groups to pray together on Sunday, November 26, 2017

Sunday, November 26 is a day set apart to pray for: 

• The successful resolution of the Trinity Western University (TWU) case, which will be heard in the Supreme Court of Canada on November 30 and December 1 

• The future of religious freedom in Canada, given the broad potential implications of the TWU case.




You can read more about this prayer day and download resources for yourself and your church, small group, and community, here.


If you are going to join in prayer, please let us know by email, or at


Thank you for joining us as we ask God that His will be done in Canada.

Interesting Reads

  1. Pastoral Theology of Care
    We all understand that shepherding God’s people is at the core of our call to ministry. Is it possible that caring for your flock is holding your church from growing? How can a church provide good pastoral care for their people apart from what the pastor can provide? Article
  2. Letter to the GG 
    Canada’s new Governor General, Julie Payette, recently made a speech where she made disparaging remarks about people who believe in divine origins of the universe. Here is the response to her from the EFC Response
  3. Study on Pastors 
    Would you like to participate or be informed about the Clergy Wellness Project? Dr. Wanda Malcolm at University of Toronto is promoting emotionally healthy spirituality and Resilient Ministry. Watch her video and at around the 2:50 mark she talks about this. You can follow up with her. I pray all our ministers will be vibrant and Spirit-filled servants for our Lord! Video
  4. Pastoral Ethics 
    How do you pastor your people when they are in palliative care? Pastors in Canada are being asked to be present at the assisted suicide of long-time church members or when parents end the life of a sick baby. (None from BGC that I know of) Then there is the issue of how to conduct the funeral. Christians are grappling with this matter. Here is what the Catholics have offered their people. They are still working through the issue as well as you will read. Article
  5. What are your preaching on?
    Baptist Beats wants to feature our BGC pastor’s preaching on various topics. If you have a message that you believe will bless and help our Conference, please send in the video or audio. We will feature it in future editions of Baptist Beats. Here are two messages from our pastors on a significant topic for our day – homosexuality and gender issues 

    Pastor Chris Price, Calvary Baptist, Coquitlam, BC Audio

    Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh, Cedar Grove Baptist, Surrey, BC Video

Seven Essentials of the BGC 

Our motto and mission: "A Network of Churches that make disciples who live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their Communities, throughout Canada, and out to the Nations." Together, we have identified seven essential areas where God is at work among our church families. These seven areas are also critical to the future growth and health of our churches.


We will highlight one Essential in each issue of Baptist Beats: 

Leadership Development

BGCC churches have a plan for discovering, developing and enabling its existing and emerging leaders.