Baptist Beats - February Edition

Mar 7, 2018
Feb 28, 2018



Have you heard about our 360 Strategy?

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Mar 12 - 13, 2018
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Mar 16, 2018
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Apr 23 - 25, 2018
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This Is Us: Embracing the 7 Essentials of the BGCC
June 14-16, 2018


Kevin  Kevin Schular, Executive Director

Hello from Edmonton! I am thankful for your life and ministry. May this season be fruitful and God-honoring as you lead the people God has placed under your care. In my daily Bible time I am reading about Moses leading Israel through the wilderness. So many disappointments, failures, rebels, grumblers and disloyalty from prominent people and even his siblings. Yet he continued to lead with humility, integrity and love for the people. His ministry of intercession continues to inspire and motivate me to pray for our nation and elected leaders.

360 Strategy

​ Did you know that you and your church are being prayed for regularly? The 360 Strategy asks people across the BGC to pray for our churches, leaders, missionaries and Conference. Here is a recent email from one of our 360 partners:

“Hello Kevin, Thank you so much for your email and letting me know how important our prayer is. I appreciate the BGC 360 program and my 11-year-old boy and myself have learned a lot from this program since we joined in August. We started to learn how to pray for others and look at things from wider perspective. My son Victor made a great progress in how to pray for BCG churches and pastors. He did not know how to pray at the beginning and then I told him just listen to what Holy Spirit told him and now he can spend more than 20 minutes a day to pray for the items listed. We feel we are connected with all the names on the list. Thanks again for initiating this program and let us grow in His grace.”

Please partner with us in BGC360!

Billy Graham

We lost one of the great evangelical leaders of the 20th century when Billy Graham went home to be with the Lord last week. I remember listening to “The Hour of Decision” on Sunday nights around the kitchen table as we had a snack before going to Sunday night service. I always remember his clear gospel message and “Just as I Am” the invitation song to draw people to decision. Thank you Billy for your years of faithful preaching that Jesus Christ is the only way to find forgiveness of sin and the hope of eternal life.

Renovation Team

Our church in Montreal, Sinai Baptist, has bought a warehouse for their church. You may recall that Montreal has severe restrictions for church buildings and that only a few have legal permission to meet in their facility. Many evangelical churches live with the knowledge they could be forced out. Pastor Antoine experienced this when he was had to sell the place his church had been meeting for almost 20 years because they were not able to convince Montreal they should rezone the property for church. Now Antione has found and purchased a property that is zoned for church worship! (See the pictures below) Antoine is hiring a Project Manager to turn this space into a worship centre but is inviting trades people from across the BGC to come to Montreal to help renovate. Please let your people know of this opportunity! Antoine can be contacted at (514) 465-0808.

Saskatchewan Retreat

I was blessed to again attend the retreat for pastors in Saskatchewan. Here are some pics of the skits and worship.

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Seven Essentials of the BGC

Our motto and mission: "A Network of Churches that make disciples who live and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their Communities, throughout Canada, and out to the Nations." Together, we have identified seven essential areas where God is at work among our church families. These seven areas are also critical to the future growth and health of our churches.

7 Essentials of the BGCC

We will highlight one Essential in each issue of Baptist Beats:

Church Care

BGCC churches love, care and support one another as we serve God together.