Project Elizabeth – For Pastors Wives

The vision for Project Elizabeth is: "That all pastoral spouses would not serve in isolation, but feel and be supported through prayer, encouragement and compassion."

Beginnings: Modeled after a pilot project conducted by Focus on The Family in conjunction with the Alberta/B.C. Lutheran Church of Canada, this project was created to meet the need for Pastors’ Wives for advice and encouragement on how to handle emotional issues and stress, and how to balance and integrate ministry and family in a healthy way.

"In mid-2012 Project Elizabeth (PE) emerged as the response to this declared need. It’s strategy connects Pastors’ Wives with one another in district groups led by an experienced and compassionately gifted Pastor’s Wife. The project’s name was chosen in honor of one of the most powerful woman-to-woman connections in Scripture, the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary (Luke 1). By design, volunteer "Elizabeths" function as friends who will walk alongside other Pastors’ Wives, sharing the joys and challenges of life common to the Pastoral homes." (Report excerpt to Focus On The Family from the Task Force October 21, 2013)

At the BGCC AGM in Edmonton, June of 2015, the National Women’s Resource Team held a workshop entitled "Side By Side". The focus was to discuss ways in which to enhance supportive relationships among women. Our strategy for Project Elizabeth involves:

  • Selecting spiritually and emotionally mature women from each district who we know would excel in being a supportive "Elizabeth" to Pastor’s wives and ministry spouses.
  • In the new year, after some training, one of the volunteer Elizabeths will be in contact with each of the Pastors’ Wives in their district.

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