Missions Projects

National Women’s Ministries Missions Project – Every two to three years, the National Women’s Ministries Leadership Team chooses a new missions project that will encourage and support ministry to women in Canada and around the world. We are committed to designating 10% of our income to support this project.

Special Delivery Philippines: Mission Project 2014 – 2017

A word of thanks from Eva and our thanks to the women

of BGC and their community friends for embracing this project.  

Please continue to pray for and support Eva and her team.

The women of the BGCC are amazing! You have reached out and shown love to Filipino women who have needed it.  The type of equipment and Birthing Clinic you have provided are on a different level than the care that's usually given to these women.  Many of our patients are the outcasts whom the medical system treats with contempt; "You should be grateful for whatever care you get" is sometimes the attitude of the medical community towards indigent women.  Hospitals are over-crowded and not always clean, staff is over-worked, and there is little time to care for a woman's emotional needs while she is scared and in labor.

Since our new Birthing Clinic has open on December 10, 2016 we've heard many words of thanksgiving from women who are able to deliver here.  Since the BGCC Women have started supporting the Philippine Birthing Clinic three years ago by raising funds for clinic medical equipment we've been able to purchase three hospital beds with railings for the postpartum area, (see photo above)  a newborn resuscitation table, stainless instrument tray, Doppler (for monitoring the baby's heart beat), kelly pad, adult ambubag, repaired our autoclave machine (for sterilizing instruments), and purchased a doctor's stainless revolving stool for the birthing room.

Thank you for your generosity and reaching out to the women here.  May God continue to be glorified through these gifts and through the hands of our midwives.  I look forward to seeing many of you this June 2017 during our furlough.  God bless you all!”


Link to the video update.

Check out the Birthing Clinic Video (2017): https://vimeo.com/200456696


This project is an extension of a BGC Canada’s project, assisting to build the Daughters of Faith Lying In Clinic in Manila. Together BGC churches and individuals who are providing financial support to buy property in the heart of greater metro Manila and to build a community facility.

Once built the clinic will need furniture and supplies. That is where our project comes in. Eva Fast has sent us a list of the equipment needed. In the next two years we are committed to providing it for our sisters in Manila who come to the clinic for care.


Professional and friendly staff available 24 hours a day to care for the health of the Mothers and their baby. The staff includes three professional licensed midwives.

• Gerlene L. Riobuya, RM
• Saralyn A. Malubay, RM
• Eva R. Fast, CPM

The staff also includes trained doulas who provide physical and emotional support during childbirth.

Click here for a Power Point you can use in a presentation.

Check out the Birthing Clinic Video (2017): https://vimeo.com/200456696


Eva’s Update Report:

May 2016

March 22, 2016 - We got something today…..thanks so much! The mothers and babies will be so happy.

Feb. 1, 2016   Email: Subject: Re: 70 more gift bags on their way!

Wow, that's such good news!  Thank you for caring for the women in Pingkian.  They really feel blessed to have you praying for them and enjoy these baby gifts that you so lovingly prepare.  This is perfect timing because we are all out of baby packages.  This Jan. there were 25 births at the clinic!  It seems to be getting busier.  In 2015 we had 12 or more births every month.  We are encouraged that God's hand is working in Pingkian and with the Philippine Birthing Clinic Project.  He has sent us good people to help in areas we know nothing about but are constantly learning.  
I'm encouraged also that Mike has started a new bible study with the workers at the construction site and that 3 new women are coming to my bible study.

Thank you for blessing us in Pingkian!  We hope one day you can even visit :-)!    Love, Eva

Wed October 14, 2015

There is action happening on the birthing center project.  Seeing it fills me with hope!  The barracks are up and re-bar has been ordered and the plumbing plans are approved.  Now we just have to get the rest approved and it's all a go!  I can see now why God wanted us to wait.  The construction is going in a very different direction then we first planned.  Instead of hiring a construction company we are giving jobs to local people in our community.  God has blessed us with a foreman, Jerry, who loves Him and is an expert at construction.  We hope to have regular devotions and bible studies with the men building the center and are praying that God's Spirit will move and change lives.

This weekend we had two events in Pingkian.  Last Saturday we held a medical dental clinic at our house and the clinic and offered free eyeglasses.  We were able to serve over 250 people! We've started a Youth Group in our community that meets every Friday evening and is led by some youth leaders from our church.  On Sunday the Pingkian's Youth Group celebrated their first year Anniversary and had a great time celebrating. One of the members of my (Eva's) Lifegroup has started a Dance Organization in the community.  The practices start with a devotional and prayer.  Children ages 9 and up and youth are invited to join and will be present at the Kid's Net Christmas Celebration this December 12th.  God has been doing good things here that are bigger than both of us.  It's amazing and sometimes a bit overwhelming all at the same time.

Gerlene had her last chemotherapy treatment two weeks ago.  The doctor increased the last dose and she really felt the effects afterwards. She's still recovering and gets tired easily with periods of dizziness.  Gerlene will have a follow up checkup with her doctor this week sometime. We are waiting to find out the schedule for testing if the cancer is gone.  Gerlene comes to the birthing clinic about once a week. She's looking forward to being able to come back full time but we're not sure when that might be yet.

Thank you so much for all the support we've felt from you about our work in the Philippines.  It means so much to us; your prayers, questions and helping to raise awareness about what is happening here.  We couldn't do this without you.

God bless you as we "go on our way as Christ's optimists".  Love, Eva

Sept. 5th 2014 – New Equipment! Thank you to the BGCC Women who have been supporting the Philippine Birthing Center Equipment Project financially and through prayer. Because of this project we have been able to purchase so far a stainless steel equipment tray for the delivery room and an emergency Doppler (as our other two Dopplers decided to break down at the same time). The Dopplers are so important as they allow us to intermittently monitor the baby’s heart beat and provide early detection of problems with the baby during labor and delivery. The women in our area are truly blessed through your efforts and love. (read more…)

2. Ideas to promote ‘Special Delivery’ in your church:

Are you looking for a ‘hands on’ project? Eva says “The new Mom’s love to receive a small layette gift from the women in Canada.”  She suggests a Receiving Blanket, a small short sleeve Onesie, a pair of socks and a Hat (the hat can be cotton or knitted with lightweight baby wool) in a Ziploc bag. Parcels can be sent to Eva Fast: waiting for an address and instructions

A translated Greeting for a gift tag: click here

Parcels can be sent by mail or through a shipping company- :

Send to: Rev. Michael Fast
3 – F MMBC Building
670 EDSA, Cubao
Q.C., Philippines 1109

The Fast’s contact numbers for the parcel are:

Home: +632-455-0514


Please send in ideas and pictures when you have an event and we will post them, contact us here.

Calvary, Coquitlam: At our Fall retreat we present the latest BGC WM Missions Project on Friday evening, we make it as exciting as we can, showing pictures and telling stories. We give everyone 1 gift draw ticket in their welcome packet and on Saturday afternoon we have a prize draw of donated ‘secret gift’ bags. We don’t sell the tickets, we leave out a donation box…the donations always exceed what ticket sales would be. The MC makes a big production of the draw with our very own ‘Vanna White’ handing out the prizes. The women end up swapping gifts amid lots of laughter. We also promote the hands on project at the same time, setting a date for an assembly party and asking women to sign up for the items they want to bring for the project or to bring the completed bag. The Assembly party is a good opportunity to enjoy after-retreat fellowship and to get other women in the church involved in helping with the project. In the past, we had patterns for hats, wool and teachers available at retreat. It is a lot of fun!

Bags about to be donated


Babies in Rwanda 2012-14

Rwanda still has one of the worst maternal and infant mortality rates is Sub-Saharan Africa. Women have a lifetime risk of dying in pregnancy of 1 in 16. Babies are being lost at a rate of 1 in 5 before the age of five, mostly from preventable causes.

We believe God’s heart breaks over this. We believe that He has called us to minister in His name with a physical and spiritual ministry, just as Jesus modeled for us.

Your donations will be invested in:

  • 3 new Huntleigh Fetal Dopplers
  • 2 room dividers
  • wood for a pre natal & postpartum bed with foam mattresses
  • 1 hand washing station
  • 1 hematocrit spinner with voltage transformer
  • 1 Hemoglobinometer, and
  • materials to make a secure locking storage cabinet for supplies & charts

Another practical way to help is by sending “Mama Kits.” For more information on this contact us.

BGCC Women’s Ministries is committed to sending 10% of all our income to this project. Would you join us in praying and giving to this important ministry to women and babies in Rwanda?

You can send your financial gifts clearly marked for “WOMEN’S MINISTRIES MISSION PROJECT” to:

BGCC Women’s Ministries
#201, 8315 Davies Road NW
Edmonton, AB T6E 4N3


Missions Project 2010 – 2012: VN Project

Project Update 2013:

We are still getting letters of thanks from the pastors wives in VN.  This has been an incredible encouragement to them and we are humbled by being able to minister to these amazing women of God in this way. Project V.N. CGC 10-12 raised over $8,000.00 and through Arlene Fast’s guidance women were given chickens or a pig to provide a source of income for their families.

Project Update, June 2011:

One year remains in this two year project.  To date we have been able to financially provide funding for 12 women to begin small businesses that will help sustain their families.  Their husbands are busy pastors, travelling and preaching the gospel, while receiving little to no salary.  The women are responsible to fund the families basic needs.  This business will enable them to provide the food and care that are necessary for life and health.

Thank you letters


Missions Project 2008-2010: Bless The Baha

Women’s Mission Trip – March 26 – April 2, 2010

Six vibrant women from across Western Canada spent an exciting week serving at the “Debora House of Refuge” in Tijuana, Mexico!  Under the direction of missionary, Ruth Gollings (Converge Ministries, formerly BGC US),  the women interacted with the women and children, made crafts, cooked, organized the sewing room, sanded and painted, organized supplies, prepared the soil, planted a garden and learned a great deal about this ministry and the culture!  It was a great blessing to participate in this important ministry and see God work in big and small ways! The Canadian Women with missionary, Ruth Gollings

over $5,000.00 raised.         

Missions Project 2006-2008: Help at Home/Hermosa - Toronto

$5,000.00 raised

Missions Project 2004-2006: HIV Africa

$3,550.00 raised