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A Woman and Her Relationships – Rosemary Flaaten

In A Woman and Her Relationships, Rosemary Flaaten explores the connection between one’s spiritual relationship with God and her relationships with others. She examines the attitudes and actions that women use to interact with the people in their lives and shares the key to improving them. From communicating with their husbands to relating to their kids to caring for their friends, Flaaten shows women how to transform their other relationships by first transforming their relationship with God. Her insights and encouragement will help women bridge the gap between their spiritual lives and their daily interactions with others. She’ll help them discover ways to enrich and deepen their relationship with God, which in turn will directly impact and strengthen their relationships with their husbands, children, parents, friends, and most importantly themselves.

Living Beyond Yourself – Beth Moore

Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of The Spirit – Leader Guide by Beth Moore helps leaders guide participants through this 10-week interactive women’s Bible study of the fruit of The Holy Spirit as presented in the book of Galatians. Beth walks participants through each trait listed in the fruit and encourages women to know the freedom of a Spirit-filled life. Through this study participants will look at the supernatural aspects of the fruit and that you cannot grow, learn, or produce the fruit on your own. Beth challenges you to develop the fruit by maintaining an intimate relationship with the Spirit of God. A Spirit-filled life truly results in living beyond yourself.

Moving from Fear to Freedom – Grace Fox

Fear has two sides – an upside and a downside. The downside is that it can hold women hostage, robbing us of joy and preventing us from experiencing life as God intended. But the upside… that’s a different story. The very fears we face can become catalysts for personal growth and opportunities to know the Lord in a more intimate way. Filled with real-life stories and loaded with Scripture, this book promises to lead its readers from fear to freedom. With wit, warmth, and wisdom, Grace helps you to:

  • Overcome the fear for your kids’ well-being to embrace God’s purpose for their lives.
  • Overcome the fear of inadequacy to accept new opportunities at work or church.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection to pursue new friendships or mentor younger women.
  • Overcome the fear of change and challenges and learn to embrace them as opportunities for personal growth.

Stuck – Jennie Allen

So many of us live stuck. Stuck in trying to seem perfect. Stuck in sadness. Stuck feeling numb. Stuck pursuing more stuff to make us happy. Stuck in something we cant even name. These stuck places often go unattended inside of us and they are shaping our lives more than we would like to think. We’ve been trying to fix this feeling with everything but…God. He has a plan for these spaces inside of us, the places we feel broken, but we have to go to Him. Stuck is a journey to take an honest look at the fight going on inside, leading us to the God who has a plan to restore it, to restore us. Because as we realize that our stuck places are the very places that make us ache for God, we find Him waiting there for us with hope and freedom.

Finger Prints of God – Jennifer Rothschild

To a blind person, human touch is essential. In the absence of facial expressions, it reassures and comforts. But can you still feel the warm and soothing touch of an unseen God? Author and musician Jennifer Rothschild, who lost her vision at the age of fifteen, explains how God’s touch works from the inside out, warming the heart, mind, and soul. It lifts weights that eyes could never see. It washes away the anguish of guilt, the bite of fear, and the ache of loneliness. With the gentle pressure of His hand on our shoulders, we can find our way through the darkest of nights.

Beautiful Offering – Angela Thomas

Given the enormity of God’s grace and love to you, do you long to show your gratefulness by offering your life to Him? Angela Thomas, author of the best-selling Do You Think I’m Beautiful did. Enthralled by God’s love, she turned to the Sermon on the Mount to learn how to glorify her loving Father with her life. Along the way, she came to see the Beatitutes not so much as a list of commands but rather a list of “when you are’s” offering a spiritual inheritance. Rather than requiring perfection, discover that God simply requires your gracious obedience. In His eyes, your life, complete with mistakes, blemishes, and imperfections, is A Beautiful Offering. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and discussion.

A Piece of my Mind – Chonda Peirce (comedian)

Stand-up comedian and born-again Christian Chonda Pierce returns with another series of hilarious and uplifting true stories from her life.

It’s probably Just my Thyroid – Anita Renfroe (comedian)

From the comedian that brought us Total Momsense that took the nation by storm in 2007, now brings us all dose of her own medicine. Open wide for a dose of estrogen flavored musical comedy – Anita Renfroe’s brand new DVD is chock full of laughs, off-the-wall insights and music (witness her hilarious parody of Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats called Before I Eat


BGCC Lending Library Policies

If you would like to borrow any of these resources, please contact:

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Note:  These resources are only available within the Baptist General Conference of CANADA

We ask that you donate the cost of mailing these items (approximately $12.00 per video) and mail them back when you are finished with them.

Please use them immediately upon receiving them and mail them back promptly when sessions are completed so other churches can also make use of them.  We understand that most session will be 6-8 weeks, but please do not keep them longer than that.

If you have good, current items geared to women, that you would like to donate to the lending library, please contact us.