Estate Planning

The following documents will assist you in understanding why having a "Last Will and Testament" is vitally important as well as present you with guidelines for creating one.

Sample Will Clauses

The following are sample will clauses to be used as a guide if so choose to declare that the B.G.C. Stewardship Foundation is to be the recipient of the portion of your estate that you desire to leave to charity in your "Last Will and Testament". Download Sample Will Clauses (pdf)

Statement of Desire

This document is a form to be used if it is your desire to ask the BGC Stewardship Foundation to be your charity of choice in your "Last Will and Testament". Download Statement of Desire (pdf)

Personal Information Directory

The purpose of a Personal Information Directory is to organize and record personal information so that it will be readily available when needed the most. If kept up to date, this Personal Information Directory will ensure that many of your personal papers and records will be easily and quickly located when it becomes necessary to do so. Download Personal Info Directory (pdf)

A Guide for Making Your Will

The document below explains why you should have a will and includes a worksheet provided by John Toogood, a lawyer of Richards, Hunter and Toogood that will help you start one if you have not already done so. Download Will Guide (pdf)