Global Ministries' Opportunities


We can create a custom made short-term opportunity to various field locations. Please contact BGC Canada.

We also offer a variety of summer options:

  1. Ministry to Muslims both at home and abroad with our Internship Program. For more information, contact Diane Wiebe.
  2. Quebec Ministries – you don’t have to be able to speak French but it is a bonus if you can. For more information, contact Kevin Schular.
  3. Mexico Caravan Ministries is a great opportunity for teams of people to serve. Find out more by visiting
  4. Various location opportunities for teaching or practicing conversational English. Contact Diane Wiebe.


Mid-Term is from 3 months - 3 years. These are the same as the short-term opportunities. You can serve mid-term with Caravan Ministries, outreach to Muslims (within Canada), or set up a customized assignment.


Long-Term is for 4 years or more. BGCC is into church planting and growth. Sometimes we take curious roads to that end but that is our goal. We would especially like to plant churches among the unreached (people who have no or little opportunity of hearing about Jesus and God’s plan of salvation). If you’re interested in planting or growing a church we’d love to talk to you.


Consider teaming up with a Global Ministries Personnel or couple, or look into joining an existing team:

  1. Church planting and discipleship in Argentina, Portugal, Philippines or Honduras.
  2. Evangelism and church planting among Muslim peoples in SE Asia, Central Asia, or Canada
  3. Mission Mobilization in Uganda or the Philippines
  4. Bible translation, linguistic work and Bible storying
  5. There are even more opportunities to serve under an agreement with our networking partners. Click here to find out about our existing partnerships.

For more information about Global Ministries' Opportunities please contact Diane