Connecting Pastors Wives

Project Elizabeth

The vision for Project Elizabeth is: "That all pastoral spouses would not serve in isolation, but feel and be supported through prayer, encouragement and compassion."

The project’s name was chosen in honor of one of the most powerful woman-to-woman connections in Scripture, the relationship between Elizabeth and Mary (Luke 1). By design, volunteer "Elizabeths" function as friends who will walk alongside other pastors’ spouses, sharing the joys and challenges of life common to the pastoral homes.

Our strategy for Project Elizabeth involves:

  • Selecting spiritually and emotionally mature women from each district who we know would excel in being a supportive "Elizabeth" to Pastor’s wives and ministry spouses.
  • Training "Elizabeths" how to walk alongside others with integrity.

Please contact Laura Schular for a list of the Elizabeths in your district.

Under His Wing

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