One Day of Mission

One Day of Mission

Once a year we invite all the churches in the BGCC to take a special offering for Global Ministries situations—usually one in Canada, and one outside of Canada. It’s a free will collection and really just an opportunity for people to give to the bigger picture.

Every year the BGCC invites churches to take a "One Day of Mission Offering"”. Over the years we have helped in Ethiopia, the Philippines, Tanzania, Vietnam and in a couple of instances some cross cultural situations here in Canada. This year the first part of our two-fold focus is on assisting the Philippine Midwifery Clinic, which provides those in need a safe place to receive pre and post natal care, deliver their baby and find Jesus too. The second part of our focus is church planting. So far this year we have 3 new church plants: one in BC, a Haitian one in Quebec, and a Mandarin speaking one in Calgary.

I wonder if I could ask something special from you. Would you be willing to hold a One Day of Mission in your congregation? We realize that many of you have already had a chance to give, but not all. Perhaps you’d like a second chance? That would be so cool! Please feel free to give to both or just one of the listed projects.

There is no telling how generous God’s people might be. If you would like a pdf copy of the original bulletin, please contact the BGCC Office. We are very willing to change the date of the bulletin in order to suit your needs.

Thanks for your attention, and God bless you as you serve Him where you are.

Grace and peace,